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Making Angle from Flat Steel

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    Necessity being a mother, I had a ~ 15 inch by 12 inch piece of aluminum diamond plate someone gave me that I made a pedestal out of with a 4 inch bench vice. I notched each corner out the depth of the jaws (~ 2 inches) and then walked up and down the sides, bending a little at a time until they were bent 90 degrees. Even in that short length, in aluminum, I had some distortion I had to sweeten over the anvil with a hammer. I don't think 20 feet of steel is doable. BTW, I was making a foot rest for my gf in my truck, she's only 4-11 and wasn't comfortable without a footrest.
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      Originally posted by brucer View Post
      dont think it would be feasible... heck how much is a 20foot piece of 2inch angle $30, its been a while since i bought a full stick though..
      I think it would be around $45 bucks or so for small qty.