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Hanging 70Lb flood light at ~20ft...what SCH/size steel pole??

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  • Hanging 70Lb flood light at ~20ft...what SCH/size steel pole??

    Don't know where to post this question but I couldn't find anything specific using Google. I'm going to be hanging a 2x2ft 70Lb flood light on our property on top of a direct burial pole (pole buried into earth and hole filled w/concrete).

    The light comes with a 2.375" slip-fit mount. My question considering burial of 2ft in concrete and 20ft mounting height: Will a SCH80 2.375" OD pipe with wall thickness of .218 support the light in a higher wind zone (Florida panhandle)?

    Any info is appreciated
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    2 ft isn't enough. I have seen 1ft D X 3ft L precast concrete buried light base in sandy soil with light weight aluminium 20ft pole and light leaning over 30 degrees after a good blow. No damage they were still using it years later. Telephone poles are set into 6 to 8ft holes .


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      We set 3x3x.250 wall tubes at 20 feet tall for light poles on our bar parking lot in North Central Fla, and they flexed a small amount in the wind, but we set them almost 6 feet deep with poured footers. They never leaned, but did eventually succomb to being backed into by cars. Definately go deeper, and if the material isnt already bought I would think about a little thicker wall. Just my .02.
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        I would go a minimum of 6 foot down. Use a phone pole or maybe you can fine an old tapered street light pole. A 2" sch 80 pipe 20 ft. long will sway real bad. Make a fitting to slip on your lite fixture and bolt it to a phone or tapered pole. It will be worth your extra time doing so.