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  • GMAW weld test

    I've been welding stick and mig for 13 yrs now,when i worked for the union i updated at commonarc testing every 6 mos.however,I have never taken a 2 G mig fluxcore/gas shielded weld test.I have a test tomorrow for a really good company and i really want to pass and i'm really hoping someone can give me the advice i need to pass,

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    I assume its getting x-rayed? I have been doing a little vertical dual shield welding at work recently, and the more experienced guys have been giving me advice as I go along, although mine was just getting MT'd. The biggest thing, as you know from SMAW, is getting rid of slag. You want to run hot to make sure you get good fusion/penetration into your base metal, but not so hot that its easy to get rollover. If you do get some rollover, grind smooth and make sure your toes are clean. When I weld v-up FCAW, I tend to weave fairly wide, and hold the sides a little bit, and whip across the center, this keeps the weld fairly flat, while ensuring you burn into the sides well. To keep it looking nice, pay attention to how much you move up after each weave. I know some guys that weave fairly quick, and not hold the sides as long, but will not feed up as fast, the results are similar, so do what makes you comfortable. I'm pretty green still, so thats the best advice I have for ya, good luck!