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  • Slip tank weld o let

    Hi Guys. I find that I need to weld a fitting into the end of a new slip tank to be used as a drain. The tank is a typical slip tank design that would fit into a pick up- four feet long a couple of feet wide and high, rounded top, flat ends and bottom. I will be using a weldable fitting that provides a half inch female pipe thread, commonaly called a weld o let here. The tank material is maybe 20 gauge steel, not coated on the inside.
    I will be using .023 er70-s6 and co2 in the shop. My question is.. would I be better off welding a say 3 inch cirlce of 1/8 steel on the tank first with the fitting already drilled and attached to it or just welding the fitting to the tank without a biuld up?
    I have welded fittings to thicker tanks in the past without any troubles but this time I am concerned with getting it 100% sealed in the lighter gauge tank material.
    Does anyone had better success using one way or the other? Thats Miles

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    Hmmm 20 gauge seems pretty light for a tank of that size. Any way I have welded couplings on to tanks with out any back up. And couplings are a lot different then bungs at least they have a shoulder.


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      I would definitely weld a doubler on the tank first, then do the weld-o-let. On the other hand, why not just use a coupling...they're thinner, than the weld-o-let, and might be easier to stick on.


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        Thanks for the replies. Urch 55-= you are right, I had another look at the tank and it is thicker than I first thought. Rocky, I thank you for your advice, I should get to that project tomorrow ..Miles