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    hey all im new to welding and i was looking where to buy steel in phoenix, az. i have googled it and have not found anything, if you guys know of any places other that HD and lowes or how to go about searching for places it will be very helpul and it will be greatly appreciated. thanks


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    Try putting "steel supplier phoenix az" in google, you will get several places. I live about 1600 miles from Phoenix so I have no idea which one has the best prices.

    Most likely you will get the best deals by going to one of those yards and asking where the drop pile is located. Usually these smaller leftovers are sold by the pound at low cost and if you are lucky you will find pieces that are big enough for your projects.


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      If your new to welding and want some free steel to practice on, check out your local waste industries drop station. Sometimes you can pic up some bed frames.

      Google "supply" And your city for various stores and Im sure youll find someone.....
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        thanks all, researched it more and i found a few places. ima go give them a visit and see what i find. thanks for your help.



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          For (mostly) new steel, do a google search on steel service center phoenix then click on the local business results. Davis Salvage might be one to try for scrap.
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            Here is one of the more useful web pages, with the large number of steel suppliers and the research information is good.

            suppliersonline link
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              I've been buying my steel at Davis Salvage on Washington and around 36st for 25+ years. Shop on the north side has steel and the shop on the south side has ornimentals, fence parts etc. 602-267-7208
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                Captal Metals

                I know your post was in March, but I'm new to the forum. Industrial Metal Supply is where a lot of us in Phoenix go. I go there because their remnant prices are excellent. Last week steel was $0.25/lb and I've bought Stainless rems for less than $1/lb and aluminum for $1.49/lb. Now, the are the rems(cut pieces from their other orders), but with imagination you can do a lot.

                Steel rems are great - diamond plating, structural shapes, square tube, etc. Best store in town.
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                  I'll second that. Industrial Metal Supply is THE place in the Phoenix area!
                  Awesome selection and great prices.