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    Hey all, being realtively new to welding and not really understanding all the finer points I recently did a little experiment just to test my welds. I took a
    section of 1/8" x 1" HR steel cut it in half, beveled the ends and cleaned off
    the mill scale down to bright metal. Then I butt welded the 2 pieces back together using my HH140 using the door chart setting for 1/8". Used Fabshield
    23 .030 and made a single pass down the center. Weld looked really nice and
    cleaned up well (should have taken a picture..sorry). Weld looked perfect. Then I put it in the vise and started bending. Weld broke right down the middle when I got to about 45deg. The broken ends of the weld material looked grainy or crystaline. Is this typical of flux core welds? Is the finished weld harder than HR steel and not able to be bent much before breaking?
    Can welds be annealed to make them tougher with less hardness if so?
    Sorry for the long winded stupid question but I really was wondering.

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    In welding tests guided bend tests are done all the time, and it's quite easy to get a piece of hot rolled mild steel to get to 180 degrees without cracking. That being said they use a minimum radius and just bending something right along the joint doesn't count as a minimum radius.

    Other variables like heat input, preheat and weld wire composition and metal composition will determine whether or not you need a to anneal or stress relieve after wards.

    Generally for mild steels no post heat treatment is needed and generally speaking the hardness of the welding zone at the toe (edge) of the weld will be higher than base metal.

    without taking a look at the weld it's impossible to say what went wrong or if it failed as normal. Ideally in unheat treated welds the weld should crack right at the edge of the weld joint not down the center. That indicates there's some sort of stress or defect in the weld.
    In case of welding emergency
    use a bolt


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      I have a feeling it was my weld or method that was not correct. I may try a few more pieces and post some photos just to get a feeling for what works and what doesn't. I want to learn how to make the best welds possible with the equipment I have. Thanks.


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        practice practice practice

        For the record it would be difficult IMO for a beginner to get a full penetration single pass weld on 1/8th" material without backing. If the joint is beveled usuallly you would want to lay in a root pass, then a cover.
        In case of welding emergency
        use a bolt