well my boss keeps trying to steal my little machine. He feel in love with it. As the pics are titled I have one before and many afters. They are our oil drain buckets that the tops were broken off of. I made one pass to fill in the bits of gaps that there were. Then went around the opposite direction to cap it off. The guy who welded it before me made some bird dropping welds so they never held. This is what I normally do the preps before I weld anything I love the clean welding surfaces. O and before I get jumped on they were empty from the oil and I filled them with water and let the local recycling people pick it up today when they emptyed our oil and antifreeze drums. There were two buckets I had to weld back together. They were holding pressure to empty the tanks, I am not sure what the gauge was I welded them up together on the second setting due to the lowest setting wasnt doing the job.