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Square Tubing for Welding Cart

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    The Lawnmower carts are way under-appreciated! They carry loads low and wide. Ones with the big wheels are especially good. The handles are well placed. Recycling/re-use in action!
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      I just started building a cart from 1x1x.120 tube. Definitely strong enough and probably overkill for material but it was on hand so cost didn't figure in. It wiill be heavy but I won't have to load it in a truck or anything so that doesn't matter either. Just about anything really would work depending on size, design, gussets, etc.

      I always liked working with square/rectangular tubing. Easy to fit up and welds nice. If cost isn't an issue the tubing works great.

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        Originally posted by Sberry View Post
        The shop cart just worked so well I used it for long time as homely as it was. When I got the 210 I temp it on my engine stand and then build a real cart for it.
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          Welding cart

          Took my MM210 to a new level: I really enjoy it being up to standing height.


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            Ronnies cart

            WOW !

            Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... I will soon be cutting steel to build my take on that cart....ITS GORGEOUS!!!

            Good Job!
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              but it's the wrong color..

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                Yeah, after my neighbor and I worked on this for 2 weeks, I was going to powder coat it Miller blue...only to find out he hates blue so i couldn't do that to him. The powdercoater had a red project going at the time and I ran it thru for $100, versus $200 if he changed powder to another color just for me.


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                  Also, if you guys copy this cart, DO NOT skimp on your casters. With machine, metal and two bottles, it's probably up to about 500 pounds set up like it is, plus I've now got a MM135 sitting on top. Fecal casters will be your death nell, as they won't roll good and they'll 'trip" over the smallest of stuff on your floor and try to skid. Buy the good 8 inch casters once and be done with it.



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                    So I can use 1/16" square tubing? Trying to do this on the cheap and want to use square tubing. Only needs to hold the HH210 and big bottle.


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                      Nevermind, my local metal supplier has 1/8" and .100 wall only

                      So .100 wall should be find?
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                        The Handler 210 only weighs 70#. .100 wall square tube of any dimension will certainly hold that, any size cylinder you want, plus all your junk.

                        If cost is an issue, angle will certainly be cheaper.

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                          .1 inch thick (probably 12 ga) is plenty strong enough for your cart.


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                            Perfect! I can get 24' of .100 wall 1" square for $20 so that sounds cheap enough for me!


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                              Hey guys, what gauge sheet metal should I use to weld on the floor of this welding cart? Not sure what will support the HH210.


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                                20 ga will be strong enough, but it may sag if you don't put cross members to support the weight. You don't actually need any sheet metal if you have cross members strategically placed.