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2 3/8 pipe vs.MIG

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  • 2 3/8 pipe vs.MIG

    My question is will a miilermatic 180 mig weld rusty 2 3/ 8 oilfield pipe(to build corner braces), or does the rust interfere? I am going to try it!

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    Fighting rust is a major pain,...while it can be will like to weld it better if'n ya clean it first.


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      If you have to weld it rusty, get some flux core or stick it.

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        Rusty mild steel pipe is best welded with SMAW (stick). This is where 6010 shines.
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          Used oilfield pipe is the nastiest stuff I've ever welded on - and here in Balersfield we get a lot of it! Check it carefully inside for buildup of petrochemicals or crude oil, and make sure you have lots of ventilation. Lots of the stuff that has passed through that oilfield pipe gives off toxic fumes when heated. Some residues will also ignite. A good, thick buildup of crude can make a fine insulator, giving you many opportunities to experience frustration (and use crude language). It will also contaminate your welds.

          SMAW is the process of choice, and 6010 is the most commonly used rod.

          If you have access to new - or at least clean - steel, it is a far better choice.


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            I found this info on oilfield pipe informative:

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              When I was working in the industry in maintenance, I would occasionally get stuff to weld that came from our chemical processing line. I approached our safety engr about the gasses produced when welding over that contaminated material, he told me no studies have been done along that line...MSDS doesn't cover that kind of whatever you weld, stay away from the fumes, especially something that has had petroleum products in it.