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Were are you guys buying steel?

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    Find a scrap yard. They are normally open on weekends.

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      I live around detroit also, and have found a couple of "recycling centers" that sell steel by the pound. Granted they aren't always going to have what you need, and you might have to dig a little, but it's a whole lot cheaper than new. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you the names. I'm still looking for other sources, but have found these to suit my needs for now.



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        Originally posted by shawnspeed
        Danase.....Factory steel on oakland ave. off 6mi (mcnicols)& I -75....closed saturday (sabbith day) , open's been a few years , so you might want to call first, but they generally will have anything you will be looking for...prices depend on how they feel , but are generally good. Also keep an eye on CL (craigslist ) as I have found quite a bit of good material there cheap....and third and my favorite as mentioned above , is the ubiquitous "recycling center/scrap dealer"...I usually hit the one north of me first , as he has several manufacturing facilities selling him drops from manufacting /old equipment/structual steel...I get in alot of trouble when I go there....Good luck , Shawn

        P.S. I almost forgot the best one....I have bought quite a bit of 4130 through this company out of PA., I know it is not local,but he was cheep enough on 4130,and the lengts I needed were under 6', and he kept the shipping # under 70 lbs. so it UPS'd just fine...Dillsberg Aeroplane Supply, in Dillsberg PA, Charles T Vogelsong, Sawmill rd, a search on google for his # , no webpage...He has prompt service, and nobody in town(detroit) could even come close to his prices, even after shipping was added in....I believe he will mail you a pricelist/cataog if you ask...

        Thanks man! I'll look into it!

        I have 2 junk yards/scrap yards close by. They will just let you walk through them and get metal?