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    I worked 8 years for a company that was contracted to erect Rohn towers. After stacking literally hundreds of the things from foundation up, I still like to take long drives and see them standing tall. I'd rather have one of my own in the back yard though.


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      If you don't want to bother with the hassle of nesting tubes, build it just like an extension ladder. Or consider an extending pole like one of these:
      --- RJL ----------------------------------------------

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        This link shows trailer roof lift system.


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          Thanks for the links! A teardrop trailer is high on the list of projects I'm almost done with, which makes that RV link pretty cool.

          I went by the scrap yard last week and they have a good assortment of tubing they want sell for, almost, new price. Should have brought my steel weight book and calc. along with.

          It's tough to get something up 40' in the air and not have it blow over. You can lift a car with a 40' lever. I can go with a flag pole style as long as it's stout enough to hold a rotator unguyed. Or, go with a conventional latice tower and all the possible code problems that go along with it. I know that for wind load, round is better than square by almost half.

          What's kind of ironic about the whole thing is I have a 60' telescoping 3 section tower that's mine for the asking. About ten years ago the old boss and I dismantled it as part of a contract. We should have just dropped the thing, but we wanted to try and save it. I almost lost my fingers. I still have identical scars on both hands. He won't sell it, because those older crank ups are unsafe, but it's mine if I want and try to modify it. I should go look at that thing again and see if I can cut it down to what I need. I don't look forward to all the foundation work needed for this though. A flagpole doesn't take much concrete.

          Whatever I do, my wife will see it every time she looks out her kitchen window - the ultimate challenge.


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            Disguise your tower as pine tree. Some cell phone towers are disguised.