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Angle Iron-Which Way Is Stronger?

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    Excellent, got any pics?
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      You will get arround 50% more deflection (bending) if you use angle as like ^ or V.

      If you happen to have some uneqal leg angle (like 2x3x1/4) it is stronder with the long side in the same direction as the load.


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        The weakest orientation is with the trough up ( \/ ) (like it would hold water) supported at the ends with load in the center. The strongest is the inverse, trough down ( /\ ) supported at ends with central load. To get a feel for this cut a strip of paper and fold it into the shape of an angle iron model and play with it. When force is applied to the model strip supported at the ends with trough up the legs of the angle will easily bend to make it fail. It is also moderately strong with one leg down and one led horizontal on top (inverted L) if the ends are supported in a manner that restricts twisting. Twisting will make angle iron fail easily. .