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any scrape steel suppliers in minn or midwest

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  • any scrape steel suppliers in minn or midwest

    I am looking for some salvaged used square steel tubing.
    havn't located a source of used steel square tubing near me in Minnesota.
    Other sources are far away, does any one know of a source for used salvaged steel in the midwest or minnesota/wisconsin?
    I need 4" x 4" x .25" or .3125" by at least 10 feet, I can cut to size.
    need a 176 feet of the 4 x 4 square tubing.
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    Just a suggestion...Say what size square, what thickness, and how many feet (and in what increments) you are looking for...also, what part of the state you are in. It might help sharpen up the search...
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      burntside is looking for this size

      need 4" x 4" x .25" or .3125" by at least 10 feet, I can cut to the size I need.


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        10 feet? Heck, you're wasting any money you'd save on buying used running around looking for a salvage yard that has exactly what you want.

        I'd just buy the 10 feet you need new and get r' done. It's false economy burning up hours and hours of time to save a few bucks.
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          Originally posted by burntside View Post
          need 4" x 4" x .25" or .3125" by at least 10 feet, I can cut to the size I need.
          Have you tried over on No. 2nd st. in Mpls?


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            Search "steel service centers" on thomasnet dot COM. Do it for MN, then use the zip/distance filter.
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              A 10 ft. section of 4" X 4" is not your typical scrap yard find.
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                Do you need 10' total or a 10' single section?

                If you just need 10' total and can use smaller parts, I'd see what Discount Steel ( has in stock for drops (up to 8'), or if you need a single 10' piece, then I'd just have them cut one from stock. You could look for scrap for years and never find that.