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  • To purchase/find steel

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here! I am a college student and I just took my first welding classes with MIG welding, and I was wondering if you knew of any places to buy steel. I have access to places like Lowes and Home Depot, but their websites did not yield any results for the steel i would need to make relatively small architectural models. The scraps that I learned on were small square tubes that would be good if they werent so banged up and covered in slag.

    So are there any well known stores that supply pieces of steel for a reasonable price?

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    It always helps if you put your location in your profile, so folks who might be near you can give you specific places.
    I buy new steel from a metal builing company here (Meuller Buildings), who have MUCHbetter prices than those places! Also, check Thrift Stores for the scrap that people drop off, but they can't use (that's where I get almost all mine). Look in Craigslist, "Free" category, for "stuff' avoid the chintzy patio furniture, lamps, cheapo head/footboards, etc., which are made from thin wall tubing.
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      hd/lowes/hardware stores/etc sell a limited variety of small pieces for high
      prices. on-line, catalog, etc, places will have a large variety of pieces
      in all sizes, for high prices.

      i suggest you look in the yellow pages under "steel" and/or "metal"
      or google "steel suppliers" and whatever the local towns/cities
      are... you can also google local fabrication businesses and
      see if they have scrap that they would be willing to part with

      also, keep your eyes open on the local trash day... it's amazing
      what some people throw away



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        Metal scrap and recycling facilities can be handy.
        Our local Dayton, Ohio metal recycling yard (1st Street Recycling) also has a new steel sales area where I get square tubing, angle, etc when I can't find used stuff cheaper.


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          Originally posted by Hotfoot View Post
          ...put your location in your profile...
          I'll just wait for that.


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            I recently needed some 1/8" diameter metal rod, cold rolled or hot rolled would have worked. After checking out the local Lowe's, Home Depot, and Tractor Supply I figure I'm in the wrong business. You would have thought this stuff was 24K gold plated. We only have one scrap metal dealer here in town and they WILL NOT sell anything they take in. They used to but now say State of Georgia Laws have changed, it's probably a liability problem though. I finally found what I needed 110 miles away, but no real problem. One of my son's lives in that town so it was time to pay him a visit anyway. Pricing was right, material was what I wanted and they cut the 20' sticks for me for free to fit in my pickup bed. I made a note to me-don't take on another job like that one. Thanks, David


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              In Albany, have you checked out Cooksey Steel or ENCO Materials or Georgia Steel Source?
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                I was going to post the same question, for the West Michigan (Grand Rapids/Holland) area. Hard to find Steel around here. Anyone happen to know the area for steel sources? Thanks!


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                  Check the yellow pages. Or go to and search on steel service centers and your state. Then narrow it down with the zip code/mileage search tool on the left.

                  Here are some in Grand Rapids:

                  Arrow Steel & Supply Co
                  Ambassador Steel Co.
                  Marler Industrial Steel Supply
                  Dennen Steel Corp
                  Magic Steel Corp

                  Others in that neck of the woods:

                  Genzink Steel
                  Harbor Steel
                  Hascall Steel Co
                  J & F Steel Corp
                  Peerless Steel Co.
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                    My previous post seems to have disappeared into the ozone - had a pop-up saying the post would appear once approved by a moderator...???

                    Go here:

                    Search for "steel service center" in your state. Then on the left, you can use the zipcode/mileage to home in on local outfits. There were at least 8 in/around Grand Rapids and Holland.
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                      Test post - previous replies of mine never showed up.

                      EDIT: Now it works ... ???

                      Anyway, go to then enter "steel service centers" and your state in the search. Once you get that, go down on the left and enter your zip code and how many miles you are willing to drive. BINGO. A list of suppliers.
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