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Welding a larger screw

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    Originally posted by Robo48 View Post
    Wanted to let everyone know I put the valve back together yesterday at work and it opened right up. I couldn't get any pics as it was dark in the manhole raining and not a very nice day in Michigan. Thanks to all for the help and responses.
    Glad it worked.

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      A large vice is also a nice place to put something like that and turn to tack all four sides before the weld is started so to check for uniformity and straightness a small tack can be bent one way or another as to spin and weld will most likely draw ,

      im too late on this convo as you said it turned out good and that was your goal .you can also after your weld is done if you need threads back in that area you can rethread it aswell .


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        Boy did this sound familiar, was this a PIV (Post Indicator Valve) for a water main? Congrats Robo48 on a fine job done well. Jim-Tx, I agreed with your approach from the get-go. The other posts had their merits also. I have done many of what sounds to be similar applications to "keep the factory up" until the proper part arrives and we could schedule proper repairs. Another of life's lessons shared. Thanks, David


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          Originally posted by Jim-Tx View Post
          I just kept turning the shaft and widening (slowly weaving) the bead as I went. It was close to 1 inch wide at the top when I got done. It was hot and the 7018 ran good. 7018 loves heat. I probably took 15 or 20 minutes to weld it up counting the turning and reclamping. If you use stick, be sure to clean the flux/slag before going back over it. I didn't have a MIG at the time so stick was the only option.

          This worked for me. I'm sure that there are guys on here that do this sort of stuff routinely and know much more about it.
          I just did something like this on some broken 1&1/2 hay spears. V grooved out to 2 inches at the outside. First one I did was with 7018 rod. Problem is all the waiting for it to coll and the slagging. I tried to weld at 200amp and move fast to keep hot so I did not have to slag. Did not work to well, broke after 20 minutes moving 1200lb round bales. Tried another one with Mig 70s-6, Millermatic 252, CO2 shield gas and lots of heat. This looked a lot better and seems to be holding up. Bouncing 1200lb hay bales on the end of the spear will tests any welds integrity.