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building a firepit cover (roof)

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  • building a firepit cover (roof)

    I put a fire pit in my patio, and I'd like to build a screen cover for it. I've got all the dimensions for every part of it, but am stumped on constructing the sheetmetal top.
    It's basically a 29" square fire pit, and the screen box for it will be 24" high. I's like to make a sloping/pyramid style top (roof) for it out of sheetmetal.

    I'd prefer not to have 4 triangular pieces I'd need to weld together.
    I can bend the sheetmetal, but don't know how to figure out the math of the sectioning out. It doesn't need a steep slope, only enough to have the snow slide off in the winter.

    Can anyone help me here or point me to somewhere that can??

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    Lets see if I got it....Maybe a cone or funnel shaped screen thats turned upside down! How heavy or lite does it need to be...Will it be moved or stay in place...Can we see some pics of fire pit??
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      yes. maybe my explanation wasn't right. A cone/funnel shape for the roof. made out of thin sheetmetal. (think air-duct gauge thickness) I doesn't need to be removable.

      The cone/funnel/roof will need to have 4 equal triangular sides. It's a square fire pit, not circular. I've got the frame built out for it.

      I just don't want to have to cut 4 triangular pieces of steel and then weld them together to form a roof. The fire pit it 29" on each side.

      imagine if you will, building a roof for a square house with equally sloping roof pitches on each side coming to an apex at the center of the house.

      sorry my digital camera is broken for the moment, so no pics :-(
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        Well, PG, you said you could do the bends (so I assume you have access to a Sheet Metal Brake), so this is an easy one. The bottom of you four triangular pieces is the dimension of your pit, the height desired determines the "length" of the piece. Because they are laid over into a triangle this can be calculated pretty easy. Then put a bend along each long edge, clamp the edges together (i'd use a1x1 on each side for rigidity. Too bad you don't want to weld it, because plug welds woul do a super job at this point, but you can pop rivet or bolt the sections together. If you plug welded it (or spot welded), you could the slip a cosmetic strip over the seam to give it a finished look, crimp the strip over the seam for a snug fit, and for a non-moving fire pit, that's all you'll need (not like a roof, y'know!) .

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          Hey don't forget to keep US updated on pit!
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