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8" 16 guage pipe?

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  • 8" 16 guage pipe?

    I used to buy 8" 16 guage raw exhaust pipe through a place called grand rock.

    Now they have since quit selling this exhaust pipe because it was costing them to much money to ship these 10ft. long mosters.

    Does anyone know where I can get this at now?
    I was paying $225 shipped for a 10 foot long 8" diameter 16 guage cold rolled pipe.

    Dynaflex sells them but nobody around here will sell me any because they think its silly to buy these large exhaust components. Im building a custom set of monster exhaust stacks for a semi truck.

    I use to remember the name of the company that sold the raw metal to grand rock out the name slips my mind...something that starts with a a V and I think they were out of california.

    If you guys know where I can get 8" tubing please let me know.

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    I would think you could get shorter pieces rolled cheaper, maybe closer to the exact length you need...Bob
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      is it 8 inch pipe or 8 inch tubing ?

      you can get 8 inch schedule 10 in some areas


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        I have no idea if they have what you need- just one of the many links I have stored for what if
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          make your own


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            I can't help with the pipe, but I can give a heads up about shipping costs. UPS will ship up to 8 foot stuff as long as it's not over weight. Over that, you have to use motor freight and that's expensive for small items. That's why King Metals offers a lot of their stock in 8 and 20 foot lengths.

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              Maybe these guys can get it for you. They list plain 6" pipe.



              Of course, Dynaflex should be able to hook you up with a distributor or regional sales rep who will ship stuff to you:

              Or try one of these:

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                8 x 14ga HREW is common around here. It is used for grain augers etc.
                16ga is not very common at all.
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