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  • Steel sources in Raleigh NC

    I've been trying to locate some various steel sizes...2x2", 2x4" with 1/8" wall thickness. I'm planning a project that will use around 10' lengths of each, which seems to be an expensive problem in that Dillon Supply will sell no less than a 20' stick of each. (Dillon is the only place that I've contacted so far, my work/family schedule puts me in a time pinch)

    Quoted...$155.00 for the 2x4" 20' length
    $99.60 for the 2x2" 20' length
    and $29.35 for 1.5" angle 20' length

    Can anyone offer advice regarding other area suppliers, or have any of the above sizes you'd be willing to part with?


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    Peak Steel in Apex has a good selection from time to time..... also try Hercules in Fayetteville..... I know it could be a bit of a drive but they could tell you of a customer who deals with the sizes you need / want and you could check with them for left overs or possibly some old stock that is weathered.....
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      Thanks for the response
      I've been meaning to ring Apex Steel and try their availability/prices.
      I just remembered Foymart outside of Zebulon while typing this. I hear their prices are good, but the last price sheet I saw was from '06 and there's no telling what it is now.


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        Try also -
        Steel & Pipe Corp. in Sanford.
        They're on 15/501 a mile or two north of US#1, 800-776-0752.
        They'll give you prices over the phone.


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          Cheap Metal, Durham Nc

          J&D recyclers , buy and sell all types metal by the pound. example - stainless was $2 a pound a few months ago ,for sale. i sale them scrap most every week. i may also find some for you. i am on Cheek rd , in durham. J&D are on the corner of Cheek rd and Harvest , Durham , nc.


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            Thanks catdaddy137!
            I checked out their website, and that's exactly what I'm looking for.
            Do they carry a lot of straight stock (pipe, tubing)? Or, is it a lot of recycled production materials?
            Looks like I'll have to arrange a trip to get over there.


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              your welcome , and

              they have a pretty good selection of all types of metal. the only problem with the steel is that it is stacked outside, and usally pretty weathered. but it is hard to beat there price. i sell good stuff for scrap price all the time, i hate to do it, knowing that someone could use it. thats just the way it goes in the scrap business. at least i know it is getting recycled. i think it is great that J&D offers resale to the public.


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                There's also BMG down in the wilson area. A friend in the mig class I am taking said that BMG prices were the best he found in the area and they deliver. I talked with one of the office guys there and he said the do have a drops & cutoff's bin, but you have to stop by to see what they have.

                I was talking with the welding ed. director at wake tech on 401, and he said that Dillon typically tacks on a 40%charge on anything and it all has to be 20 foot.
                There is also a scrapper down cleveland road in the Clayton area that I have heard about, but no other info than that.

                catdaddy, thanks for the info on J&D. I had been told about them from some of my blacksmithing friends but was not able to locate the place. I drove down the road and saw like 5 places, but couldn't remember the one I was told about. Next time i'm up in the area I will have to stop in

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                  I've bought stuff from BMG here in Richmond before. They let me wander around inside the warehouse to check out the "shorts and dings" as they called them. They also hacked a few 20 footers in half so I could haul them easier and didn't charge me for the cuts, though that may have been courtesy of the warehouse guy.
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                    Originally posted by 84ZMike View Post
                    Peak Steel in Apex has a good selection from time to time.....
                    I second Peak Steel. Everywhere aroud here steel is high. I have had issues with Dillon in the past and I am determined to not do business with them anymore.

                    Folks at Peak are very friendly and helpful. They are little bit higher than Dillon but they did not charge me to cut my materials. I have dealt with the Op. manager and the president. Both are good people. Of course all they have is new steel.

                    Fortunately I have a friend who does a significant amount of custom steel work and he will order for me at his prices.
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