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what'r you payin fer iron??????

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  • what'r you payin fer iron??????

    bought about 900 lbs of 3/8" mild steel plate last month $.66 per lb.

    Northern calif. Next !!!! Lets keep this movin around the country. Tool

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    Was paying 0.59/# last month. I have yet to muster the courage to find out about this month.

    Go Spurs Go!!!!!!


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      I am paying about $1 per pound in small quantities less than a few hundred pounds. I read in the Wall Street Journal last month that hot rolled steel will cost big industries close to 50 cents a pound by summer. As long as the Chinese and Indians keep using it like it is going out of style, and as long as energy prices to make it keep going up, its going to keep going up. Buy it now and keep it until you need it.
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        Yesterdays 5/08/08 price on plate [ mild steel]

        Wow $.90 a Lb !! I'm gonna start stealing manhole covers ,again !!!!



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          $0.35 - $0.50 / pound here in Dallas. I'm sure the guy is pocketing the money (cash only, no receipt), but I get my steel, so who's to complain?

          Bought everything I needed for a welding table and welding cart, with plenty left over, for $150.


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            Meuller has been getting around $.75-$.90/pound on small quantities of tubing, flats, angles that I've picked up the last month. This time last year I was paying around $.50 for the same stuff. The salesman told me that they get an increase every 2 week ranging from 5% to 15%.

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              Our local guy's price is now $0.35 per #, You go out into the yard, pick it out and if it needs cutting, the yard guy does it for free. The stuff gets weighed outside, the yard guy helps load it if necessary, and you go into the office using the honorary system and tell the gal how many pounds you have and pay for it with a cc if needed and go.

              They don't always have everything you wanted but most of the time you don't leave empty handed.
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                Tool, how ya been?

                I ain't do'n anything that required a steel purchase in about two years! The broke stuff that comes in here I either fix with the existing metal, or grab a hunk out of the scrap pile, which, fortunately, has kept up with my lack of activity!

                Good to see you on, pal.

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