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rebuild a snow skid steer bucket?

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  • rebuild a snow skid steer bucket?

    I have an old bucket I use for snow removal. The bottom is about shot, it is starting to buckle and has some corrosion pitting in it. It is probably 30 years old and looks like it sat around in the weather. The bottom is bad, but the rest looks good enough and solid. Here is what I want to do, please guide me:

    1) weld some supports for the sides and backs (temporary)

    2) cut out the bottom along the edges

    3) cut off the wear strips from the front edge and the bottom

    4) get 1/4 inch plate, cut to size, and weld back to the bottom of the bucket.

    5) weld the wear strips onto the new metal - even with the old metal still attached to give it more thickness.

    6) remove the temporary supports, grind and clean up - probably paint it at this point

    Any one try this? With a new bucket about $1000, I'm willing to experiment.

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    most of the time when repairing loader buckets, it will be done with just a overlay of new metal, but if the original material is bad enough, it can be cut out and replaced.


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      I would replace with as thick as you can go...maybe like 1/2" that way it last longer. Little heavier but won't rust through as quick


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        I done one on a loader bucket about 6weeks ago.I think you are on the right track as far as bracing the sides so that they wont move. Is your bucket the same thickness or does it have a thicker lip where your cutting edge is?If so i have some other ideas.Either way I would probably go a lil bit thicker than 1/4".


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          Heres a decent bucket so far pretty cheap.

          I would cut the bottom out of you yours, replace with new and a new cutting edge through on some t1 wear strips on the bottom back to the bob tach for strength and call it done.
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            rebuild a snow skid steer bucket?

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