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Multi Handler 200 Spool Gun Settings for Aluminum

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  • Multi Handler 200 Spool Gun Settings for Aluminum

    I've been welding with stick and mig for many years, but not on aluminum in any way. I have a Hobart Multi Handler 200 purchased recently, along with the Spool Runner 100 spool gun. I put the spool gun on yesterday and switched to 100% argon, then put in a spool of 4043 .030 wire. I can't find any recommended setting to start at anywhere. The settings inside the welder door don't list aluminum or the spool gun at all, and neither does the welder or spool gun manuals show any sort of settings. I realize the fine tuning will vary depending on the situation, but some ballpark place to start would be great. I made some test welds on scrap 1/8" aluminum I had laying around, some pretty good others not so much. 12.5 volts and around 275 on the feed seemed to be pretty fair to start at, but does anyone have a list or a chart of any type for the Multi Handler 200? I tried googling it but the best I can find is for volts and amps, however the Multi Handler only shows volts & feed speed when on Mig setting, which I assume it has to be set on.

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    Since the Multihandler is so new, hopefully HOBART tech support (here) will have some information here soon....
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