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Mig Welding without a spool gun

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  • Mig Welding without a spool gun

    Hello everyone, I am new here. I have a question about mig welding aluminum. I have a Hobart 140 mig welder. Can you weld aluminum without a spool gun with this welder? Is there a spool gun that can fit this welder? I asked Hobart and they just said they don't offer a spool gun for aluminum welding for the Hobart 140.

    Thank you

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    Technically, it is possible. It will be very difficult, and is not recommended, especially since it will be extremely limited in the range of aluminum it could have the power for, even with a spoolgun. What aluminum are you hoping to weld?


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      Some is 1/8" thick and I also have 1/4" thick aluminum.


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        It will only be used as cover. They will not be holding any pressure or force but it own weight.


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          Aluminum wire does not feed well through a 10 foot whip, and by everything I have read the 140 is a bit on the weak side for power to do aluminum....
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