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    Hi, I'm using a hobart handler 190 with a spool gun, 100% argon and 4043 aluminum wire. I am trying to get a nice bead on an aluminum rod iron gate; which, I've grinded the black coating off and still cant get any better! Is there something I'm not doing correctly? Thanks in advance.

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    Every thread here is asking for help. A subject line is so we know specifically WHAT the help is when we look through the threads later. Please use the advanced edit function and put the actual subject in the subject line.

    Then, provide a LOT more detail about what you're doing, including all the settings on the machine, and especially exactly what you mean by grinding the black coating off. What wheel on the grinder?

    What level of experience do you have in welding in general, and on aluminum specifically?

    Pictures of your prepped material, and the weld attempt would be very useful.

    Clarification of terms:
    It's "wrought iron," not "rod iron," but it usually doesn't apply. Most "wrought iron" gates these days are just steel with castings.
    If it's aluminum, it's not iron anyway.


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      What you have their is a aluminum base casting that is power coated to look like cast iron. The gate casting can have all kinds of filler metal added and welding will be a PITA. I have done these kinds of casting and its not fun, clean, heat, weld, re-clean heat weld let cool, cracks, re-clean heat weld pack in sand let cool real slow, some times it works.