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My mig and aluminum

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  • My mig and aluminum

    I got a cheap gas meter,bottle of argon,and some cheap aluminum wire and try to make it all work. Well, I made sooty porous crappy booger welds all over the place. Would my gas meter not be flowing enough? I had it almost wide open. And my unit is a 187 handler. Are there some rollers with deeper grooves I can get to help it not bounce out of the gun on and off? It's sort of like you have the speed too fast and it bounces off the work but in reverse. The rollers are spinning on and off and maybe a new tip. Also in another post there was a guy talking about cleaning the o rings on his spool guns power pin? Whatever that is,I was thinking the o rings were letting air in and making the mess as he said his was doing. Or am I on crack? The wire is also .035 cheap princess auto. stuff. It might be the problem as well.

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    I forgot to mention I tried cleaning with a stainless brush and actetone and didn't make any diff. to the out come.


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      Give a little more detail. What is the alloy of the wire you have? What flow rate were you set at? Is the gas 100% Argon? Is the units polarity set for solid wire and gas(DCEP)?