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OAW 3/16-1/4" aluminum

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  • OAW 3/16-1/4" aluminum

    I bought filler rod(Aladdin 3 in 1) trying to weld 3/16 aluminum plate in the same fashion of tig welding where you create a puddle and dip the filler as you go. Turns out it's for brazing. When brazing I can't get the rod to fuse with both pieces fully. I've brushed everything with a SS brush, tried heating the metal more, using more or less filler, but only one of the plates with fully be brazed, the other one is strong enough to hold but the joint breaks easily. All the videos I've seen with people OAW are with 1/8" aluminum or thinner.

    Are you able to braze or OAW 3/16-1/4" aluminum or is that method only work for thinner material?