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Hobart Handler 175 Welding w/ Aluminum

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  • Hobart Handler 175 Welding w/ Aluminum

    Hi Forum, looking for some help with my Handler 175 welding w/ aluminum. My question is: Do you need a spool gun w/ this model along w/ a MILLER or HOBART SGA 100 CONTROL to weld with aluminum on this model? If so, would this unit above work w/ Hobart Spoolgun DP-3035-10? If not, can someone advise me as to which direction to take w/ this unit? Thank you!

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    I know this is a stale thread ,but I wanted to respond .I saw a guy on U-tube weld with a horbart 187 ,no modification .you can buy a wire conversion kit ,that allows the use of a spool gun.or you can install a teflon/plastic liner .you should use %100 argon ,or 70%argon ,30% helium .you should use a little bigger tip then the aluminum welding wire .try to use the U-shaped drive rollers .pull the shielding nozzle out 1/4 ".set the tension very low on the drive rollers .these are the tips I have been hearing from the welders that have worked with aluminum .