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help me fix my POS shovel

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  • help me fix my POS shovel

    I have the typical aluminum scoop shovel with the typical cracks. I'm a steel guy and I have an inverter TA 185. Can someone line me out on runnin some aluminum beads? What rod, amperage, etc. Pretend I'm in the third grade, I can take it.

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    What is a "typical aluminum scoop shovel?" It will be helpful if you provide a more detailed explanation of the welding problem confronting you. Understand that perhaps a lot of us in different parts of the U.S.A. aren't familiar with a term that may be commonly used in your area. How large is your scoop shovel, what's the thickness of the metal, and where are the cracks located? A photo also would help a lot to clear the air.


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      He probably has a "Grain Scoop", an oversized flat nosed shovel with handgrip handle.
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        140 amps, set on AC
        HF continuous, Pure tungsten 1/8" # 6 cup 5356 3/32 filler ....Argon 15CFH ......Weld that shovel!!
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